A Pair Natural Green Jade Carved Feng Shui Fu Foo Dog Guardion Door Lion (5.9″ High)


Size: 3.3 L x 2.4 W x 5.9 H ( inch ). Weight: 5.5 lb
Material: Green Jade
Foo Dogs is also called fu dogs, beijing lions, are traditional Chinese guardians. Foo Dog symbolized as powerful mystic guardian to protect a family wealth and social status.
The entire product is charming and vividly engraved, representing good luck in career, business and wealth, a nice choice as a gift or for your own use.
A pair of Foo Dog include a male and a female. When the male Foo Dog teases a hydrangea with its right paw, which symbolizes authority and naturally brings blessings and promotes financial development. And the female Foo Dog teases a hydrangea with its left paw, which symbolizes that young dog will bring on, means the lucky and fortune will from generation to generation.
Applicable occasions. The statue will be a perfect gift for your friends, family or yourself. It is a valuable addition to the art collection to celebrate a move. Placing them in your home or office can bring you wealth, protect your home, and ward off bad luck.

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