Feng Shui Dragon Turtle Green Onyx Marble Statue Figurine Wealth Protection Office Desk, Computer, Book/TV Shelf and Cashier Registration Counter Decoration Display


Size: 3.9 L x 2 W x 3.2 H ( inch ). Weight is about 1.2 lb AND

4.7 L x 3.1 W x 3.3 H ( inch ). Weight is about 2 lb

Material: Green Onyx Marble

Good meaning: Dragon turtle is a very common and practical feng shui mascot. Many people will put dragon turtles at home to Settle home, Attract Wealth fortune Luck Gather, ward off evil spirits and keep peace, good fortune as one wishes.

Vigorously Increase Wealth business fortune luck, perfect fengshui decoration for home office. It can be used as a gift for friends and families. It also can be placed in offices and home. It is also a prop for shooting pictures and videos. For collection, It brings good luck and happiness. Decorate your room with it, it will help you succeed in your career.

Where to Place: Place it in your home or office for enhancing the decorative appeal, as for Fengshui working the best, placing it in the hallway is a general method, or placed in the main place of the living room or office.

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