Guan Yin Statue Standing on Lotus Pedestal, Quan Yin East Asian Goddess of Compassion and Mercy Sculpture in Green Onyx Marble, Collectible Meditating Buddha Figurine (13.8″ High)


Introduction to Guanyin of Mercy: Our Guanyin is like a beautiful goddess and loving mother. She is tolerant, compassionate, and graceful. According to legend, she can soothe the nerves, relieve pain, and soothe the nerves. Avalokitesvara belongs to anyone. Believe in Guanyin and you will be happy

Avalokitesvara is the most beautiful goddess: Anyone who loves meditation and yoga or believes in Buddhism should have a Guanyin. As lovers of yoga and meditation, we all know the importance of mental cues. So, when you have a beautiful statue of Guanyin, put Guanyin in front of you. You will find that you are no longer boring and you will be more sensible.

APPLICABLE TO ANYWHERE: Guanyin Buddha is the inspiration and positive energy element for everyone. Avalokitesvara can be used as car dashboard buddha, desk buddha, aquarium buddha, home decor buddha, office buddha, feng shui ornament, it can help you get rid of pain, perfect for Buddhists and art lovers!


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