Home Decoration Modern Abstract Art Sandstone Statue Dining Table Decoration Dining Room Office core, Living Room Decoration, Coffee Table Center


Product size: 3.1 L* 1.8 W* 8.7 H ( inch ).

Weight is about 1.8 lb

Material: Sandstone

Abstract Art Modern statue decoration is made of sandstone. The handicrafts of modern abstract art show texture, simplicity and generosity, and the whole is light, luxurious and elegant.

Design style: with unique design, the two corners are like a pair of lovers who love each other and cannot be separated.

Unique gift: elegant sandstone abstract art sculpture decoration is a striking desktop decoration and amazing decoration. It can be displayed in your home, office, library or workplace. It is an excellent gift creativity. It can be used not only as a beautiful gift to relatives and friends, but also as a special gift on business occasions. Thanksgiving and Christmas, housewarming, holidays, companies and other special and holiday occasions.

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