Meditating Shakyamuni Buddha Statue Touching The Earth – The Enlightened One Sculpture in Green Onyx Marble – Supreme Buddha Figurine (7.9 in)


Size: 4.1 L* 2 W* 7.8 H ( inch ).

Weight is about 3.4 lb

Material: Green onyx marble

SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA – Known as “the enlightened one” or “the awakened” or the Supreme Buddha – a sage who founded Buddhism and its teachings. These teachings concern the quest for one’s liberation from suffering and reaching enlightenment.

APPLICABLE TO ANYWHERE: Shakyamuni Buddha is the inspiration and positive energy element for everyone.

Shakyamuni can be used as car dashboard buddha, desk buddha, aquarium buddha, home decor buddha, office buddha, feng shui ornament, it can help you get rid of pain, perfect for Buddhists and art lovers!”

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