Three Lucky Gods Green Onyx Marble Statue, Auspicious Feng Shui Fu Lu Shou God’s San Xing Three Celestial Stars Deity of Prosperity Status and Longevity (7.9″ High)


Size: 3.5 L x 2.4 W x 7.9 H ( inch ). Weight: 11.2 lb/3pcs/set

This Three Star Gods is made of yellow jade marble.

The meaning of the statue:

The three Buddha statues of Fu, Lu and Shou are filled with the simple emotions of the asian working people and entrust the beautiful wishes to live and work in peace and prosperity, to gain wealth and prosperity. Stands for wealth, luck and longevity. The cornucopia stands for the importance of wealth.

It is an auspicious symbol:
In addition to being used for decorative purposes, it can also avoid bad luck and attract wealth. It can be placed in a specific place. With its head towards the door, it can pick up wealth for you.

Application: decoration, art collection, evaluation, business, gifts, etc

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