White Marble Standing Guan Yin Statue – Height 50 cm


Materials: White Marble Hand Carved in Vietnam
Total Height Including Base:Lenght 16 cm x Wide 15 cm x Height 50 cm
Weight: Approximately 11,6 kgs
  • The radiant Kwan Yin is the bodhisattva of compassion who is also known as Guanyin and Avalokiteshvara is seated on a large lotus base seated in full lotus position with the soles of her feet facing the sky
  • She is pouring out the contents of a vase filled with the divine nectar of life with her right hand held up in the vitarka mudra of teaching
  • The details of her robes are fantastic with the fringes being carved with meticulous details and designs along with a lavish necklace adorning her chest. Kwan Yin is stunning!
  • Kwan Yin is hand carved from one block of white marble and completely one of a kind, perfect indoors or outdoors, you will receive this exact Kwan Yin with your order
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