Yellow Onyx Marble Shakyamuni Buddha Statue


Our Buddha statue is made from marble. Size: 3.7 L* 2.6 W* 7.9 H ( inch ). Weight is about 3.3 lb. Fits any corner on desk or terrarium

Material: Yellow onyx marble

Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha Amitabha, sits in meditation, demonstrating fearlessness. His hands are held in the “abhaya mudra,” the gesture of fearlessness and protection. The abhaya mudra is made with the open palm of the right hand extending outwards at the chest level or slightly higher. Abhaya mudra is a powerful feng shui decor addition to any home. It is best placed near the main entrance to your home, or in the living room.

Buda statues:The Buddha statue is a wonderful Fengshui gift for families and friends, especially for someone who are meditation lover and buddhist.The shakyamuni Buddha will make you inner peace and assist to conquer the difficulties and bless everyone you love to be healthy and happy.

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