Feng Shui Natural Green Jade Money Toad Statue (4.7″ L)


Size: 4.7 L* 3.9 W* 3.7 H ( inch ). Weight: about 4 lb
Material: Green Jade
Handmade Artwork: The money frog sits on a gold ingot with a coin in the frog’s mouth, symbolizing success and the accumulation of wealth.
Good Luck Symbol: the three-legged toad is a symbol of wealth and luck in China. Gold toad carries a string of ancient coins with the Big Dipper on the back, sits on a traditional Chinese copper coin, and a coin in its mouth. So the golden frog is seen as an item that can bring wealth and good luck to its owner.
How to use it: Place it near the cash register, office, shop, bookshelf and living room to attract wealth for your career and business. As a special gift to businessmen, real estate agents, bankers, stockbrokers and investors to attract more wealth.


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